Chronic Care Management

The best team

We partner with and work for larger provider networks in a manner that extends their ability to care for their patients with multiple chronic conditions. On average these patients are seen by a provider 4 times per year for 15 minutes per visit. OsiLife's CCM program ensures patients are evaluated multiple times per month.


Our team of certified medical assistants (i.e. Care Management Teams) are assigned patient caseloads from our client clinics. Each patient has a physician-prescribed care plan using the latest standards of care. Acting as an extension of the patients' primary care provider team, OsiLife's team follows up with their assigned patients to check on their welfare and success in following the “at home” portion of their care plan. 


Each OsiLife Care Management team is assigned specific patients and only that team interacts with those patients. Consistent interface with the same Care Management team helps to create patient trust and aids in coordinating and achieving the “at home” portion of their doctor’s prescribed care plan.


Our approach is highly successful and excels where technology-based only solutions fail. OsiLife believes human interaction is key to achieve quality patient care. Regular contact and consistent tracking of data are required to achieve early detection and timely effective treatment of conditions. Early detection and treatment improves patient's quality of life and reduces hospitalization.

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