Remote Patient Monitoring

The best care

The power of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) requires accurate real-time data tracked and reviewed by a dedicated care management team.


Using readily available technologies and industry-leading FDA approved devices, a patient’s health data is securely transmitted to our HIPAA compliant OsiLife Health Management System (OsiLife HMS).


RPM is an integral component of our CCM services. The OsiLife HMS portal enables patients, caregivers, and physicians to easily track and review patient health data.


Our team of professional medical assistants review their patient’s data every day and works with the patient and the patient’s primary care physician to enable the prescribed care plan. Patient information can be easily shared with those authorized, and fully protected from others.


We partner with the top providers of devices, who pledge all their support to ensure their devices are accurate, reliable, and easy to use.


Contact us today to find out more about the sensor devices, patient data tracking, and patient reporting capabilities we utilize in our RPM practice.

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